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IOTA closes partnership with luxury fashion brand Alyx to track clothing – Coin Hero

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IOTA closes partnership with luxury fashion brand Alyx to track apparel

Home News IOTA includes partnership with the luxury fashion brand’s Alyx clothing to track

Marcus Misiak –

The luxury fashion brand from Matthew William’s, Alyx announced yesterday that it will use the Blockchain, the Distributed Ledger Technologievon IOTA, to track the production of clothes from the raw material to the final product. The System, with the consumer confidence will be strengthened, bringing together the companies Avery Dennison, Evrything, Alyx, and Iota.

Already a month IOTA has given the partnership with Evrything known. The cooperation between the two companies included the Integration of some of the core technologies of IOTA in the Blockchain Integration Hub of EVRYTHING. After the successful implementation of brand article manufacturers should have “easy and safe Mögkichkeit to scale IoT test applications quickly, and to implement,” it said in that press release. Now there is the first customer for the technology: Alyx. For the customer, as well as the luxury fashion brand, the solution provides numerous advantages.

With a QR Code that is printed on a label that is associated with the respective piece of clothing, you will be able to track a customer through an App, its clothing of Alyx to see how the materials were sourced, where the textiles were produced, in which factory the piece of clothing sewn, and finally to the retail business has been supplied.

The British fashion designer, Matthew Williams also stated:

The Blockchain and Distributed Ledger technology is the future for effective brand protection. Through the provision of product information, the traceability of the supply chain and transparent dialogue with the consumer the authenticity of the brand is backed up in the world.

The IOTA-Blockchain-technology guarantees that a transaction, once it is added to the Blockchain, it can not be changed with a reasonable degree of safety. In the case of the supply chain, each Time something happens on the “journey” of the garment, and retrieved are recorded. This means a depth of transparency in the supply chain brands, which means the ability to trust worthy and to create detailed statistics. IOTA offers one of the most important features for a secure and trusted End-to-End solution for the detection of the origin of products, as well as data integrity, to ensure that information can be falsified at any time worthy of.

Debbie Shakespeare, Senior Director of Sustainability and Compliance at Avery Dennison said:

Our innovative solution combines our Janela-platform with a new Blockchain-layer and provides consumers and brands, basic, incomparable data. Brands and consumers can know that the information will be displayed to you on the creation process of the garment are 100% correct, and implicitly trusted.

How does the collaboration work in Detail?

The solution consists Essentially of a number of elements provided by each of the partners, such as the IOTA Blog explains. First of all, the garments are digitally enabled at the source, and receive a serialized QR Code with a digital identity in the EVRYTHNG Cloud. Supply Chain data will be collected from different Supply Chain members, the Avery Dennision controlled and in the EVRYTHNG Cloud can be stored.

The data will then be written in the IOTA Tangle and validated to ensure immutability. Consumers can scan the QR Code on a product at the Point of Sale or after purchase, to see the trusted origin and authenticity. In addition, an analysis and report Dashboard, end-to-end product and interaction data for ALYX.

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