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Indy 500-dream Fernando Alonso past after dramatic qualifying

c0946da46aaf9cd433d326895bf36cd3 - Indy 500-dream Fernando Alonso past after dramatic qualifying

Fernando Alonso and McLaren allowed their dream to the Indy 500 to win store after they yesterday in Indianapolis were eliminated during the qualification.

After all the practice sessions last week, not good went, Alonso crashed, and it was the Spaniard also enough speed in his IndyCar-racing car, was also the qualification for the Indy 500 on a drama.

On Saturday got Alonso does not go beyond the 31st time, while only the fastest thirty riders directly qualify. Alonso and McLaren had this on Sunday along with five other riders again compete for one of the remaining three places on the starting grid.

James Hinchcliffe had the provisional fastest time and Fernando Alonso managed an average speed of 227,353 miles per hour over four laps the second time to be listed. Sage Karam was faster than Alonso so the Spaniard to third place fell. Alonso, therefore, on the rocker, but Max Chilton and Patricio O’Ward were not fast enough for it to be above Alonso.

Then remained only Juncos Racing driver Kyle Kaiser and pushed with an average speed of 227,372 miles Alonso out. It is remarkable that Kaiser still for the first class personal sponsor is lost and during a training session a solid crash. His team also had too few spare parts.

Sunday we will be Fernando Alonso and McLaren so not at the start of the Indy 500. Mel all the cameras on him fell the disappointment of Alonso his face. In 2017 he was during his first participation in the Indy 500 is still one of the big stars. Two years later the Spaniard is disappointed to drip …

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