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How the growing acceptance of Bitcoin, the impact on the market

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Cameron –

The tendency is finally positive after a long downtrend. The value of Bitcoin has increased by nearly $ 2,000 over the past three months and is now back to $ 5,300. While the cryptocurrency is slowly recovering, the acceptance of digital money in Germany is also increasing.

Coalition Agreement Strengthens Bitcoin Acceptance

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Digitization in Germany is a crucial issue, which was extensively discussed in the last coalition agreement between the CDU, CSU and SPD. Especially amazing for a relatively new industry what is that the Blockchain appeared six times in the contract and the technology was considered to be worth promoting. Examples of these payments are online orders from eat – most recently with in the news – Crypto slot games online or more often in salary payments, such as on its own crypto platform for freelancers.

Basically we can state that the acceptance of Bitcoin did not increase only by the coalition agreement. The same applies to the crypto development itself, as BTC , ETH and co. made an increasingly reputable name. Last but not least, Ripple had a considerable influence on the good reputation of the crypto currencies through extensive cooperation with banks and financial institutions. Nevertheless, there is still room for improvement in Germany. In particular, states such as Malta or the United States score with lower regulatory hurdles, which prevent in the Federal Republic about the opening of Bitcoin ATMs.

Gambling industry relies heavily on Bitcoin

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Meanwhile, one industry is heavily relying on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It is the gambling industry that recognizes and uses the great advantage of this type of payment. Potential transaction fees are very low due to the crypto payment option, while credit cards can take up to 5% of the amount.

Ripple’s collaboration with major financial institutions already shows that cryptocurrencies are a safe and reputable payment method. Anyone who uses Bitcoin at the online casino is also relying on an increasingly popular medium that has not yet reached its full potential. Rather, the technical development of the Blockchain – not the least by the consideration in the coalition agreement seems to occupy a central point in our future society. An increasing number of applications in real life make sure that the theoretical concept is filled with life.

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