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Hackers will have to pay 67 million euros in damages – Coin Hero

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Hackers will have to pay 67 million euros for damages

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Matthias Nemack –

Hacker messages there are currently, again and again. Often, perpetrators are not to locate. Accordingly, a positive judgment, such as the current one in the USA.

U.S. court to the victims million claim

There have been repeated reports of cases in which hackers and Criminals crypto exchanges through unauthorized access to the Wallets of the platforms to reserves in Bitcoins and other Altcoins like Ethereum or Litecoin. Also, the external digital wallet of the customer are a popular and – in the case of weak safety standards – easy target for perpetrators, Trojans, viruses, Scamming, or Swapping to enrich themselves first, unrecognized. Legal consequences have always had many such incidents in the past, unfortunately not. For investigators and exchanges, it is not always easy to trace the tracks of the Criminals back. The more important court rulings, such as the current of the California Supreme court.

Investor Terpin gets in front of the Supreme court of justice

The court has currently taken in the sense of an Investor is a judgment, which could be an important signal of. Even if it is a civil judgment. Nevertheless, the amount of the awarded damages to the US Investor Michael Terpin is just, certainly a significant touch of a Finger for other hackers. Terpin to get that is not less than the equivalent of 67.5 million euros in damages from the defendant, Nicholas harm Truglia. There have been relatively few decisions in this amount. A strong warning could this be because the messages in many of the portals refer solely to Truglia, which should be added to the beginning of the year 2018 Wallets significant damage caused by the so-called SIM Swapping is added.

Plaintiff had previously sued the telephone service provider

The defendant is to be part of the Hacker network called “The Community”, which was several times under suspicion. Before Terpin took this action in attack, had sued the crypto-Investor for the telephone company AT&T in the United States. The charge concerned an alleged negligent handling of the data of the customers. Due to a loophole in the security system, the offenders to stolen telephone numbers in large scale and these, in turn, for their criminal machinations have used. In the past few months, there had been multiple reports in which large exchanges such as DragonEx damage reports after hacking attacks to the public had to make. Also in the home Binance, there were least problems. Google reacted to the Chrome Browser on a Hack. Exchange customers, the store Monero, Bitcoin, Cash, and other currencies in Wallets, can contribute, particularly through secure access to data, and a conscious extent with the same, for its own protection.

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