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Guillaume Gillet is penaltyheld in crucial duel for Lens

0495fcd91e724f2b6a3fda865d825d51 - Guillaume Gillet is penaltyheld in crucial duel for Lens

Lens Tuesday after the penalty shoot-out win of Paris FC in the finals to promotion to and relegation from the French Ligue. Guillaume Gillet, the Belgian leader of Lens, played the whole match and of which more than 14,000 spectators. He crowned himself also to matchwinnaar.

Thierry Ambrose made Tuesday after sixteen minutes the openingsdoelpunt, the end of Marko Maletic followed only in minute 93. In the renewals, was not scored. Lens showed in the penalty shoot-out with 4-5 slightly stronger. Gillet decided the party.

In the finals, which consists of three rounds, teams from the lower echelons of the Ligue 1 in action, but Lens and Paris FC both came from Ligue 2, where they are respectively as fifth and fourth place. In the semi-final on 24 may, take Lens against Troyes, which finished third in Ligue 2.

The 35-year-old Gillet since last summer, when he happened to of the Greek Olympiacos, player of Lens. Between 2008 and 2016 was the defensive midfielder is active in Anderlecht.