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Golden State Warriors for the fifth consecutive year to the finals NBA

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NBA champion Golden State is the first finalist. The defeated the Trail Blazers in Portland, a fourth and decisive time: 117-119 after a extension. It is only the second time that an NBA team five times in a row the grand final plays.

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It is the Boston Celtics, who from 1957 to 1966, ten times after each other in the finals (and nine times won), that a team of five in a row. The Warriors were yesterday again Stephen Curry to thank. The guard made 37 points, grabbed 13 rebounds, and threw 11 assists. And that was also necessary to have a gap of 17 points to make. For the third match in a row in the semi-finals of the Western Conference turned to the Warriors, the roles in the fourth quarter. Draymond Green, who in the previous match, the decision is forced, also came to a “triple double” (18 points, 14 rebounds, 11 assists). Curry and Green are the first teammates in the history of the NBA in a play-offduel triple doubles let recording.

Golden State finished the job again without his topschutter. Kevin Durant is out with a kuitblessure. “This team had a season with ups and downs, but we have always found solutions to our problems. This match is in the image of our season: we never give up,” responded Green. For Stephen it was a special party: Portland plays his brother Seth. Golden State plays in the big final, starting may 30 against Toronto or Milwaukee. Milwaukee, the best team of the regular season, leads with 2-1 against Toronto in the Eastern final. Golden States played his 4 previous finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Only in 2016 were the Cavaliers better. LeBron James made when for the very first title for Cleveland.