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Get acquainted with the three men and one woman who the Belgian voetbalarbitrage to a higher level lifting

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The Belgian football has its long-range plan for the Belgian arbitration of professional football from the canvases done. This is the belgian football association the Belgian arbitration again, in line with international standards. Meet the four faces that Peter Bossaert, CEO of the belgian football association, will help to make this plan a reality.

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David Elleray, the architect of the master plan

Ex-FIFA referee David Elleray (64) is the architect of the plan of the football association that our Belgian referees need to re-connect to the international top. The Brit led during his career, a total of 199 duels in the Premier League, but also international topmatchen such as the UEFA Super Cup and the final of the FIFA Club World Cup. After his active career, he focused on the organization of arbitration and training of referees. He is chairman of the English FA Referee Committee (since 2009), member of the UEFA Referees Committee and instructor at FIFA. In addition, he is technical director of the International FA Board (IFAB), the body responsible for the rules of football and the VAR-protocol all over the world. Elleray is at the head of the Professional Referee Board. It will be the new Belgian Referees Committee, under the leadership of the trio Layec, Forde and De Bleeckere, accountable.

Bertrand Layec, the new technical director

The Frenchman Bertrand Layec (53) is the technical director of the Belgian arbitration. Between 2007 and 2010 heard the Breton at the best twenty referee of Europe. He whistled in 2007, the quarter final between PSV and Liverpool in the Champions League and the semi-finals of the UEFA Cup between Werder Bremen and Espanyol Barcelona. From 2009 until the end of 2018, he was responsible for the arbitration of the French football federation FFF. He is in the last 10 years also an observer of UEFA. In that role he frequently takes part in coachingtrajecten in the UEFA.

Stéphanie Forde, a woman among the referees

Stephanie Forde (33) is in charge of the operational aspect of the Belgian arbitration. Today was the Sint-Niklase Referee Development Officer with the royal belgian football association and Football Flanders, and was as a member of the VAR-team regularly to admire in the VAR-van during Play-Off 1. Forde began her scheidsrechterscarrière in 2000. That Belgium is today a march has of female referees and we have especially to thank her.

Frank De Bleeckere, Belgium’s most famous ref

Frank De Bleeckere (52) is undoubtedly the best-known voetbalscheidsrechter of Belgium. The East-flanders was the scheidsrechtersvirus of his father and grandfather, and grew during his 27-year career from to be world-class. He was seven times named Referee of the Year in Belgium and belonged to the four best referees in the world. He whistled at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS 2006 and 2010 and led the semi-final at euro 2008 between Spain and Russia. De Bleeckere is the last Belgian who has a soccer game led to a major international tournament. That was the 1/8th final match Japan-Paraguay at the world cup in South Africa in 2010.