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“Formula 1 would be the riders physically need to exhaust”

66596210e1a4b97b287088884255e20b - "Formula 1 would be the riders physically need to exhaust"

As the F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton depends allowed the new rules to make sure that F1 cars again in the future more difficult to control.

The fact that the last years teenagers if Verstappen, Stroll and Norris immediately without problems netherlands in the F1 is, according to Lewis Hamilton a sign on the wall that the current cars are not difficult enough to control.

Not long ago, Hamilton, the question is presented how often the F1 drivers to the test. In his response, he speaks out about the physical challenges of the F1, or the lack of it.

“Anti-doping tests happen randomly, it happens sometimes three times a year, sometimes less,” said the Brit. “There is a point where the chance was greater that it happened away from the race track, in hotels or at home.”

“This is not a sport where you really need to do. It is not like cyclists, for example, that more blood or oxygen to their heart can pump. We are not tired, to be honest, the cars are not difficult enough to control. It would be a bit harder should be on the physical plane.”

“I find that in 2021 a number of tools for the riders overboard need, like power steering for example. You would be physically enormously exhausted, so would be a sport.”

According to Hamilton should Formula 1 be as hard as any other sports which are physically much demanded from the athletes.

“Tennis players are all at the end of a match, especially when that four hours long and has. Cyclists are almost dead after the Tour de France, there it should to run, I think.”

“Today, however, it is less about the physical, therefore, can an eighteen-year-old without problems come to participate. That would not be the case.”

“The point is that none of us cheats, it also does not make sense to our bodies to improve. We just need normal work out and stay healthy,” concludes Hamilton.

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