First: Camille from #LikeMe and Tim Williams are a couple

58b18645a18a720aa1e1375c78d59fea - First: Camille from #LikeMe and Tim Williams are a couple

We have exciting news on this Monday afternoon: the Showbizz-Site may be the first sign that Camille Dhondt of #LikeMe and Tim Tielemans (here on an old picture from the time he was in the Bandits played) a couple of. Camille has the news on Monday confirmed. The two did a while mysterious but a kiss last weekend, after a performance of Dries & The Belgians did them the tie. On Insta Stories were already there for a while signals that those two have something with each other, but last weekend were the signals clear. Camille came Saturday night watching the action of Dries & The Belgians. Her friend Tim plays guitar in the group. “Camille just stood there in the audience and it was her boyfriend filming”, e-mailed someone via tip(at) . After the gig saw our witness the two kissing.
Of course, we publish such a news is not just, and so was Camille Monday with the news faced. They couldn’t other than to admit that she has a relationship with Tim Tielemans. The two know each other today exactly two months. For the action of #LikeMe with Van Gils & Guests was Tim, one of the musicians. There has cupid been done. Nice work by the way. We wish Camille and Tim a very happy love life. The relationship is still fragile but oh so beautiful!