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“F1-championship is this year’s Mercedes championship”

"F1-championship is this year's Mercedes championship"

Christian Horner, the team boss of the Red Bull F1 team, believes that the F1 championship after just five races for the competition from Mercedes, as well as on. Horner believes that the dominance of Mercedes so great is that we actually now all of a Mercedes championship.

“I think it’s clearly a Mercedes championship, after five races, they are only three points away from the maximum number of points,” says Christian Horner is back on the first five races of the season.

“It is still a very long year and we have everything race by race. They were the last races are very dominant. They are always strong in Barcelona, but their dubbeloverwinning was very dominant.”

By the five dubbeloverwinningen in a row, there is press speculation about Mercedes all the 21 races of the season will be able to win. The team boss of the Red Bull F1 team believes there despite the dominance of the past races.

“I doubt it,” said Horner. “21 races to 21 victories to achieve, you can never to say never but it would be really incredible.”

“Everyone can be beaten, Formula 1 revolves around teamwork, are the biggest teams in the world.”

“Mercedes is currently at a incredibly good golf, but nothing last, and it is up to us to ensure that we have the tools that allow us to in the coming years, the fight to go.”

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