Excelsior should fear for relegation against ten man RKC

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Excelsior should fear for relegation against ten man RKC

22 may-2019 18:25
22-05-19 18:25
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In the play-offs for promotion/relegation are Wednesday returns in the second round on the program: Excelsior-RKC Waalwijk, FC Den Bosch-Go Ahead Eagles (both 18.30 hours), The County-SC Cambuur and Sparta Rotterdam-TOP Oss (both 20.45 hours). Follow the games in this liveblog.

Welcome to the liveblog on My name is Patrick, Grandma and I take care of tonight the updates about the promotion/relegation play-offs. A lot of fun!

  • LIVE:
  • FC Den Bosch-Go Ahead Eagles 0-0 (2-2)
  • Excelsior-RKC Waalwijk 1-1 (2-3)
  • Later:
  • Sparta Rotterdam-TOP Oss (20.45)
  • De Graafschap-Cambuur (20.45)

Den Bosch-Go Ahead Eagles · a few seconds ago90′ GOAL Go Ahead Eagles! 0-1Excelsior-RKC · 5 minutes geleden85′ The hometown audience is already cheering but the ball is not in! A hard shot of Matthys whizzes right next to it.Excelsior-RKC · 9 minutes geleden82′ time is running out for Go Ahead Eagles and Excelsior. The good news for both teams is that they at one point have enough to renew it, or to enforce or to proceed.Den Bosch-Go Ahead Eagles · 9 minutes geleden80′ once Again a great opportunity for Excelsior to 2-1. Eckert has the ball for typing, but shoot against Vaessen.Excelsior-RKC · 16 minutes ago

Party at the goalscorer Ómarsson after the 1-1. Excelsior will have at least one score at renewal to enforce.Den Bosch-Go Ahead Eagles · 17 minutes geleden72′ What a chance for Den Bosch to score to open! Blummel pin the fallen ball from close in front.Excelsior-RKC · 20 minutes ago70′ RED RKC!

Meh, a free-kick from Excelsior with his hand, gets his second yellow card and must leave. RKC should have twenty minutes to survive with ten men.FC Den Bosch-Go Ahead Eagles · 24 minutes geleden65′ Go Ahead Eagles realize that the need to score and manages to Den Bosch and back to force on the own half. It looks more menacing than the rest, but opportunities remain for now.Excelsior-RKC · 26 minutes geleden64′ That makes a difference not many! An amazing shot of Fortes sailing but just next to it.Excelsior-RKC · 33 minutes geleden55′ Excelsior after resting a second breath found. The People chasing after the 1-1 emphatically on a lead.Excelsior-RKC · 42 minutes geleden46′, Den Bosch-Eagles (0-0) will be resumed. The home team is on the basis of away goals virtually through to the finals.Excelsior-RKC · 42 minutes ago49′ GOAL Excelsior! 1-1

What a goal by Elías Ómarsson! On indicate of Bruins passes the Farmer the ball in the intersection. The Rotterdammers have one goal needed for the extension to enforce.Excelsior-RKC · 43 minutes ago

46 May be a team in the second half from another keg taps? Excelsior will be at least two times to score to avoid relegation. We are back on the road in Kralingen.FC Den Bosch-Go Ahead Eagles · one hour ago

Peace. FC Den Bosch and Go Ahead Eagles are going to the tea with a 0-0-standings. About two duels is still 2-2 and because of Den Bosch in Deventer, the netherlands managed to score that team virtual.Excelsior-RKC · one hour ago

Peace. Excelsior must rest full on the container to prevent degradation. The Rotterdammers are looking at a 0-1-deficit, and lost in Waalwijk, the netherlands also with 2-1.Excelsior-RKC · one hour geleden45+1′ Now is the Bruins closer to a goal! His shot is changed direction, but again, Vaessen alert.Excelsior-RKC · one hour geleden45′ Bruins may be a dangerous place in a free kick, but his attempt is simply caught by Vaessen.Excelsior-RKC · one hour ago,38′ GOAL for his side! 0-1

Out of nothing come the Waalwijkers on lead! In reference to Hansson blasts Spierings touch. Excelsior will be at least two times to score in order not to degrade.FC Den Bosch-Go Ahead Eagles · one hour geleden32 ” Finally, what verve in Den Bosch. Van der Venne shoot on behalf of Eagles from the edge of the penalty area on the pole.Excelsior-RKC · one hour ago

With the current 0-0-standings is Excelsior virtual demoted. The Locals can RKC is still not shake.Play-offs promotion/relegation · one hour geleden21′ Both duels are regarding hardly any worth. Both in Den Bosch-Eagles as Excelsior-RKC is still waiting for the first shot on goal.FC Den Bosch-Go Ahead Eagles · 2 hours geledenEr is no seat unoccupied in The Vliert.

The atmosphere here in the Vliert 🔵⚪ #dbogae


AuteurFCDBFansMoment of plaatsen18:37 – 22 may 2019Play-offs promotion/relegation · 2 hours geleden10′ Both duels go quiet from the start. Chances are there have not been and score goals, so not yet.Excelsior-RKC · 2 hours geleden1 in Kralingen rolls the ball. Excelsior should be a 1-2 disadvantage to see.FC Den Bosch-Go Ahead Eagles · 2 hours geleden1′ FC Den Bosch-Go Ahead Eagles is on the way.FC Den Bosch-Go Ahead Eagles · 2 hours geledenStadion De Vliert today for the first time this season sold out.

Here we go. 90-minute full go for the final!


AuteurFC The BoschMoment of plaatsen18:28 – may 22, 2019Excelsior-RKC · 2 hours ago

Excelsior must be from 18.30 hours in Kralingen, a 1-2 deficit to see to make up against his side in order not to relegate from the Eredivisie. The lineups of both teams:

Excelsior: Damen; Horemans, Mattheij, Old Kotte, Matthys; Edwards, Haspolat, Schouten; Fortes, Ómarsson, Bruins.

RKC: Vaessen; Gaari, Meulensteen, Drost, Quasten; Spierings, Rienstra, Tahiri; Seys, Bilate, Hansson.FC Den Bosch-Go Ahead Eagles · 2 hours ago

FC Den Bosch and Go Ahead Eagles do this season, barely. Both teams scored in the regular season with 63 points and the heenwedstrijd ended last weekend in a tie (2-2). The setups are as follows:

FC Den Bosch: Van der Steen; Vaisanen, Kersten, Velkov, Khammas; Brewers, Felida, Holla; Blummel, Van der Sande, Verbeek.

Go Ahead Eagles: Verhulst; Lelieveld, Leaf, field mate, Boss; Stans, Bakx, Van der Venne; Navrátil, Van Moorsel, broek op Langedijk.Play-offs promotion/relegation · 2 hours geledenOm 18.30 pm the play-offs for promotion/relegation from the start. The matches of tonight in a row:

  • FC Den Bosch-Go Ahead Eagles (2-2, 18.30)
  • Excelsior-RKC (1-2, 18.30)
  • Sparta-TOP Oss (2-0, 20.45)
  • De Graafschap-Cambuur (1-1, 20,45)

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