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Excelsior relegated from the Dutch Eredivisie

f9dd551365b4f7f1500f420d78f27285 - Excelsior relegated from the Dutch Eredivisie

In the Netherlands, the playoffs in full swing, and bet two places in the Premier league. In the second leg of the semi-finals had to be Excelsior, with young Belgians Herve Matthys and Siebe Horemans of the kick-off, Wednesday a 1-2 defeat to retrieve against RKC Waalwijk, which for the promotion fight. The visitors kept the score with ten men, among whom were Belgians Dylan Seys and Anas Tahiri, 1-1, and bezegelden as the fate of the People.

Excelsior is after hekkensluiter NAC Breda in the second team that relegated from the Eredivisie. The team of Belgians Herve Matthys and Siebe Horemans came in the 38th minute on backlog, shortly after the peace was holding Elias Már Ómarsson hope Eredivsievoetbal for the People living with the equalizer.

RKC, that in the 71st minute with ten years after red for goalscorer Stijn Spierings, was not, however. Excelsior degrades, so after five years out of the highest division. Seys, Tahiri and Gigli Ndefe continue with RKC on promotiekoers. In the final wait for a colleague resembled Go Ahead Eagles.

The play-offs in the Netherlands consists of play-offs with two separate pools, which contain a total of ten teams (two first graders, and eight tweedeklassers) compete for two places in the highest division. The two winners of the groepsfinales enter next season in the Premier league. The champion of the second division, FC Twente, a phd directly.