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Eresteen of dEUS adorns footpath at Ancienne Belgique

fc2bc5ae079f3f11eb280bc9abd0df50 - Eresteen of dEUS adorns footpath at Ancienne Belgique

The Belgian rock group dEUS is Monday night with a eresteen immortalized for the sidewalk at the Ancienne Belgique (AB) in Brussels.

Singer Tom Barman and his musicians recorded the tribute reception on the eve of their Rewind series, in which eight evenings long, the songs from their acclaimed album ‘The Ideal Crash’ will play in the concertclub.

When the Rewind sequences in the AB take Belgian artists, the wire with their past by integral a much-heralded album to play again. Previously came bands such as The Scabs with Royalty in Exile (1990), The Man with The Man (1992), or Raymond Van het Groenewoud with Never More Drink (1977) already discussed. They also each received a eresteen in the Steenstraat.

During a marathon from Monday 20 to Monday 27 may occurs dEUS every day with their album “The Ideal Crash” 1999. The concerts are all sold out.

Long history

“We have a long history with the Ancienne Belgique, and we won’t be here long. We are very honored and will make sure that number three is just as good as number five and eight, ” assures Tom Barman.

For the AB, it is evident that the Belgian rock group dEUS now this honor is due. “We are incredibly proud that we have this little piece of Belgian musical history, may revive. Eight days in a row is historic for the AB and that must, of course, immortalized, ” says Kurt Overbergh, artistic director of the AB.