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Ebay denied the rumor and crypto-currencies do not accept Coin Hero

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Ebay denied the rumor and crypto-currencies accept

Home News Ebay denied the rumor and crypto-currencies are not accept

Marcel Knobloch –

EBay, one of the largest E-Commerce platforms worldwide, has denied the recently emerged rumors that she Cryptocurrencies as a payment method will support. Thus, it will take some more time for Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP or Binance Coin to be accepted on ebay.

As we reported, began to circulate rumors after several signs pointing to the currencies of the consensus conference in 2019 to a connection between eBay and Crypto. One of the signs of Virtual currencies:”. It happens on eBay“. Many, including many of the big names in the crypto-Ecosystem on Twitter led to the Consideration that the 32 billion-Dollar E-Commerce giant may have had the intention to accept a crypto-currency like Bitcoin, or start your own.

However, ebay stated now, officially, that the display on crypto-currency related related to products sold on the platform, including ASIC Miner, but not on the acceptance of crypto-currencies as means of payment. Such as “The Shiller Podcast” tweeted, delivered, ebay is a clear denial:

This is not to be currencies for me @eBay re crypto and #Consensus2019: “Crypto on the eBay platform as a means of payment accepted, nor is it part of our payment strategy.

The eBay rumors come at a time in which the Mainstream acceptance continues to spread. The retailers, however, are currencies, probably due to the volatile prices for Crypto, and the problems of maintenance and backup of crypto-Wallets continue to be skeptical. There were also rumors about eBay and Binance Coin (BNB), and although BNB has acted as a powerful digital asset, there are no upcoming partnership between eBay and Binance.

Nevertheless, there are at the Moment no reason to be bearish. The news over the last few days for Bitcoin and other crypto-bullish currencies absolutely:

  • Whole Foods, Gamestop, Other Outlets have To (Indirectly) accept Bitcoin: In an announcement that was made during the opening of the Consensus 2019, has Gemini announced a partnership with the crypto-payment Startup, Flexa, known. This will allow the clients of Gemini to buy physical Goods in the whole of America with Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Cash, Ethereum and the Gemini dollars. While the retailers themselves do not accept crypto currency, will accept the partners, including Lowe’s, Amazon’s, Whole Foods, Nordstrom and Gamestop, Fiat, which was sourced from Bitcoin.
  • Bakkt will start within a short period of time: Bakkt, the independent crypto-Initiative on the Intercontinental Exchange, announced that it will launch in June, its physically backed Futures contract. According to a media Update from Executive Director Kelly Loeffler, the product will take two forms: 1) a daily settlement Futures; 2) monthly Futures.
  • Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, E*Trade: It is expected that these three financial institutions, soon the direct cryptocurrency trading allow on their respective platforms and institutional investors access to Bitcoin will enable.

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