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Dramatic qualifying Fernando Alonso for Indy 500

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Fernando Alonso is threatening after a bad qualification, not be able to participate in Indy 500

Fernando Alonso made five attempts to join the first thirty riders to rally and be sure to have a participation in the legendary 500 miles of Indianapolis. After his first attempt was there mention of a flat tire but in his other attempts and it was clear that the McLaren is too slow.

That Alonso is not in the best thirty riders could qualify means that he is on Sunday on the bowl during the so-called ‘bump day’ to still be allowed to start. Then fight the six slowest drivers from Saturday to register at the thirty three lucky ones to be allowed to add that at the legendary brickyard for eternal fame will be able to compete.

The two-time world champion in Formula 1 gave after on Saturday chivalrous that it is not good enough.

“The speed was not really there,” said Alonso. “We are at the place that we deserve. Hopefully we will get tomorrow, is a chance to participate in the race to take part. If that works, it will be OK, and if it fails, it is because we do not have earned. I am anyway satisfied with it.”

When he is asked what his team could still change to turn the tide, he needs the answer to continue.

“To be quite honest, not much. I think the whole week the speed was not present in the car. We will not be able to find in a night time, so we’re going to try to make a beautiful clear round to put down and hopefully that brings us to the best three,” concludes Alonso.

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