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Cryptopia corrected damage calculation after a hacker attack

Home News Cryptopia corrected damage calculation after a hacker attack

Matthias Nemack –

News in the home Cryptopia: The stock exchange puts the damage after the attack by hackers a few months ago to about 16 million dollars.

Cryptopia corrected previously referred to damage sum

Hacking and Scamming acts in crypto exchanges, in the meantime, thanks to intensive safety standards on the part of the operator is not on the agenda. Between cases, but there is still time. The example of Cryptopia probably the most negative for many months. Recently, the former operator announced that they had to decide after the attacks on the Liquidation. The exact damage had not been made to date in public. There was talk of a loss in the amount of approximately 23 million US dollars. The Bitcoin is not involved in this particular case. In many other cases, especially the leading crypto-currency that had been stolen from accounts, it was.

Hackers have distributed the Coins on other exchanges

Now but now there seems to be more clarity about the damage of exchange and the Wallets on the platform. Also, the company expresses information news about the further behavior of the perpetrators, which, among other ethers, but also reserves in other digital currencies to get in. The operator expressed an opinion that the cyber crime Ellen were still active. The perpetrators move the affected Coins – so it is said that the stolen funds in other stock markets were found. To be mentioned in the message, among other things, the competitors, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Huobi and Binance. The latter exchange is one of the leading providers in the global market.

Nearly a dozen currencies is part of the Diebesguts

Applicable legal bases, however, could cause that the offender is not or only partially be able to carry out withdrawals. In addition to Ethereum, and the currency Ether numerous ERC20 seem to be Token. In the house of Cryptopia is called, among others, Pillar, Dentacoin, Lisk and Centrality. A total of ten Coins are affected by the stock market, according to the hacker’s attack. In the case of more than 30.000 Ether units, the hackers are currently trying to transfer funds to a newly opened address. It should be the bottom line, there are three addresses associated with the fact in the connection. Even if the perpetrators should not be able to retrieve the funds, it is unclear whether the stock market, and customers will see your Coins ever.

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