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Chinese people are still waiting on the finale of ‘Game of thrones’

7c4452166a30a106aa1d0bc4395a5b7f - Chinese people are still waiting on the finale of 'Game of thrones'

‘Due to a problem with the media, we can the sixth episode failed to upload.’ That message got Chinese viewers to see when they are the finale of Game of thrones wanted to watch on the streamingwebsite Tencent.

Tencent promised every episode available at 9 o’clock in the morning in China, but the final was not yet uploaded. In China, the large techbedrijf Tencent since 2014 the exclusive streamingrechten acquired for the popular fantasy series. But the promised final was not yet visible. Fans of the series were on social media their dismay to express about the delay. It is unclear why the final was delayed in China, but fans are afraid that the delivery will get through Tencent.


Chinese viewers were already a censored version of the first episode of the last season. That delivery was six minutes shorter, while the original version, 54 minutes, turned out to be the Chinese variant though after 48 minutes to be over.

That Tencent, the scissors would turn into violent fight scenes and sexually explicit images was all longer in the line of expectations. Also in the openingsaflevering of last season fragments were retained. This gave viewers in China do not see how a grand master a body opensneed and Samwell Tarly asked to the heart to weigh.

Spoiler alert: below are the two most important fragments of the finale of Game of thrones.