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Caleb Ewan completes a fantastic job of Lotto-Soudal in the bunch sprint

3e8b8fad711afe724b55e47448e8a9d0 - Caleb Ewan completes a fantastic job of Lotto-Soudal in the bunch sprint

The longest stage of this Tour of Italy ended in a bunch sprint, won by Caleb Ewan. The Australian pocketspurter completed perfectly the beautiful work of the Belgian soldiers of Lottou-Soudal. Elia Viviani was second, Pascal Ackermann third. For Ewan, it was his first stage win in this Giro, his second in total.

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The eighth stage of the Giro between Tortoreto Lido and Pesaro was a whopping 239 miles long. How were the organiser in his head? The result showed themselves suggest. The first 180 km were to summarize into one long yawn. Two Italians – Marco Frapporti and Damiano Cima, if you are interested in – if six minutes driving away from the pink jersey Conti and his troops of UAE Team Emirates. Until they get to the Lotto-Soudal enough of it. Thomas De Gendt, Victor Campenaerts and Tosh Van der Sande reason, in function of their sprinter Caleb Ewan of the hole for the final.

The signal for Louis Vervaeke (Team Sunweb) to give it a try. Our compatriot, who, since the lump sum of leader Dumoulin his own chance, demolition on the Monteluro in the wake of the mountain king Giulio Ciccone and the Frenchman François Bidard (AG2R-La Mondiale). In the tricky finale, it seemed as if the trio from the clutches of the peloton could remain, but Lotto-Soudal wanted one of the last chances in a sprint in this Giro, not more. At six kilometers from the finish it was the adventure of Vervaeke, Ciccone and Bidard it. It was Van der Sande and Ed that the hole toereden.

A sprint so. And it did confound Caleb Ewan the confidence of his soldiers. Viviani and Ackermann stranded in the rear wheel of the Australian, that the hard work of The Engineers and co for the first time in this Giro converted into a victory.

Joy at Lotto-Soudal

“Super fun”, took hold of Tosh Van der Sande at Eurosport the feeling of the Lotto boys together. “There was a moment of panic when those three were away on the climb. When those 40 seconds got, Jasper de Buyst and co already very early to start driving. But it is nice past. We have the last 60 kilometres of Caleb in front of the pushing and shoving. Caleb was already second, third and fourth in this year’s Giro and then the pressure is high. But that pressure came from himself, not from the team or his soldiers. He is, of course, to our team met to do this. It is nice that this is possible. We’re going tonight to celebrate. Tomorrow, there is only a time trial and then a rest day.”

“It was a difficult finale, this time I had the hole dichtrijden in place of the sprint attract”, is considered to be Jasper De Buyst. “By the descent just before the last straight line, he would not be so many of us have had. And thanks to our kopwerk began Caleb fairly at ease in second position for the sprint. I am satisfied with my condition, even though it came here without koersritme. I am however happy that tomorrow is a time trial followed by a day of rest. That will be the predominant feeling at 85% of the peloton are. Caleb rides the Giro’t matter, I still don’t know what I’m going to do. It is no secret that I also went to the Tour go. I’ll just take it day by day. I come from injury and may still have some race days will be oddly, but the last Giro-week is really heavy and I have nothing to fully perte total from the Giro to come.”

Sports director Bart Leysen: “It was a very strong sprint from Caleb. In the last turn he went from last position. I thought it to far, but I was wrong. The morning in the meeting he had already had a determined and very motivated impression. He was more than 110 percent ready to make something of it. That has made him today helped. Our team also has the price in hands. Jasper did a super effort to the last hole on the front to close it. Beautiful.”

Sunday follows an important appointment for the gc riders: a time trial to San Marinoover nearly 35 miles, with a steep climb at the end (read more).

That stage

1. Caleb Ewan

2. Elia Viviani

3. Pascal Ackermann

4. Fabio Sabatini

5. Manuel Belletti

6. Arnaud Démare

7. Davide Cimolai

8. Marco Canola

9. Giacomo Nizzolo

10. Rüdiger Selig