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Budgetplafond in F1: “Yet tens of millions of deleted”

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If we are the CEO of Liberty Media, Greg Maffei, may believe it goes in the right direction in the negotiations on a budgetplafond in the Formula 1 starting in 2021. According to the American are the F1 and the teams were but a few tens of millions of each other.

A new Concorde agreement is traditionally a mind-blowing task. The F1 and the teams have to have an agreement on how the foreseeable future of sports will look like in both sporting, commercial and financial terms.

Greg Maffei to let you know that there is already a huge progress that is, that he told a communicatieconferentie in New York.

“Of course, there are a number of things that need to be discussed. The F1 is about fifteen years to talk about a budgetplafond and when we, Chase and his team, it started laughing, the people just leave.”

“Meanwhile, we are only in the tens of millions away from each other, not hundreds. People discuss now about how the right is going to work.”

The American stressed that the goals of the negotiations are reached but it is not yet clear when the new Concorde agreement signed.

“Generally, we try to be more competition in the races to get more inhaalacties on the track, more balanced expenditure by budgetplafonds and a better distribution of income. A distribution that is not exclusively focused on the traditional teams but the winners will be reward, and we forget not those who are not at the top of the tables can be found.”

“That is generally accepted, now, we work towards a kind of conclusion. I think it is the right direction.”

Maffei can’t stress enough that he is a better show in the Formula 1 wants more spectacle on the job.

“Unfortunately Barcelona is not as exciting as we would like. Mercedes has done a very good job, Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas and Toto Wolff to earn this praise. They do it a little too well, and we want every Sunday to more competition,” concludes the American.

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