British minister does not believe more in the approach May get on

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Andrea Leadsom, a minister in the government May be competent for the relations with the British parliament, has announced that she is resigning. She Is the first in a series of ministers who May drop?

“I do not believe any longer that our approach is the result of the Brexit referendum will be able to achieve”, said British minister Andrea Leadsom. “It is with very much regret and with pain in my heart that I have decided to resign from the government.’

Leadsom, a , refers to the ” Withdrawal Agreement Bill’, the law which prime minister Theresa May Wednesday afternoon proposed in the British Parliament in order to obtain a Brexit-deal it to get. In the draft version of that law would be the premier go much further than within its government was agreed. To the extent that different ministers May’s resignation would requirements.

Ardent brexiteer Leadsom had after the resignation of David Cameron in 2016, with the thumbs lay against May for the premiership. Then she came under fire because Leadsom in a kranteninterview would have said that they have a better first minister than May because she has children and May not. Also when at the end of last year a vote of confidence in came about the current prime minister, was Leadsom as a possible successor called.

‘Andrea Leadsom, has regeringslid are distinguishable and was very skilled, and the first minister is extremely grateful for all her work, responded to a spokesperson of Downing Street. “We are disappointed that she has chosen to resign, but the prime minister remains focused on the achievement of the Brexit where the people voted for it.”