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BITKOM survey sees automotive industry in the Blockchain in front – Coin Hero

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BITKOM survey sees automotive industry in the Blockchain in front

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Matthias Nemack –

When it comes to the use of the Blockchain, the companies in Germany is still too little active. So it says a current Bitkom study.

German companies fail to recognize the Blockchain continue to Use

To donors, the money and clients to the latest study by the industry Association Bitkom, among other things, NTT DATA. How many times in the past, the experts of the Association surveyed 1,000 companies in the country to their readiness for use in connection with the Blockchain technology, among other things, in the network of the Bitcoin is used. The first obvious finding of the survey: Only one of 60 companies in Germany already has experience with the technology. Not significantly more positive in the area of the Blockchain-planning for the future. On the other hand, the value is here, with 4% at least twice as high as in the case of companies that have, in the meantime, daring the first steps in this sector. If you ask the participants according to their evaluation, where you Ranking to classify Germany in the global Blockchain, a levels 57% of the respondents to their location in an international midfield.

Car manufacturers and the electronics industry, to some extent, German pioneer

For the experts of Gartner Hype Cycle (the company was also one of the sponsors), the results are, however, de evidence that the Boom of the Blockchain seems to be broken. The companies are now again looking for Alternatives. There are, however, quite hopeful statements in the survey, because in some industries, something is happening. 13 % of the automotive manufacturer, for example, rely on the Blockchain, in the energy sector is 9 % of the respondents in any Form of the Blockchain in use. In the insurance and banking sector, the share is 6 %. The said car manufacturer with 30% of the group that can imagine very well, completely new business paths using the Blockchain to dam.

A total of like 27% of all participating companies with the thought of new goods and services, which are developed on the Basis of the Blockchain. Adjustments to already existing products and services in question would, at least theoretically, for 34 of the 1,000 German companies.

Companies should be better informed informed

The popularity in the automotive sector, the evaluation involved experts explain, in particular, that the Blockchain offers not only the traceability in the supply chain, but also the big topic of electric mobility interesting opportunities. So a driver could make in the future of electric tank maybe in the Blockchain in Litecoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Cash, and other Blockchain-based Token numbers. At NTT DATA Germany, is convinced: The Blockchain is ripe for use in many industries. In course, the company wants to do something, however, that, according to the survey, 88 % of companies have no idea of a practical application in their own case. Here Knowledge must be taught, the fear of high costs scare you anyway, “only” 37% of the survey participants so far.

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