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Beerschot Wilrijk only last in Play-off 2 after defeat at Eupen

2294a8643f2e43e4d573bdf1bcb8b4b3 - Beerschot Wilrijk only last in Play-off 2 after defeat at Eupen

Beerschot Wilrijk has not succeeded to a first uitzege in this Play-off 2 books. On the move, when Eupen played the team of Stijn Vreven not bad, but Eupen had one good stationary phase enough to get the three points at home to keep. Beerschot Wilrijk is now only last in Group A of Play off 2.

Eupen and Beerschot Wilrijk were in a mutual duel, to determine the slotspeeldag of Group A in Play-off 2 as a red lantern would go. Both teams collected eight points from as many matches, and shared together with Ostend, the last place. Beerschot Wilrijk came to the Kehrweg again with a new team. The 19-year-old Quinten Simons was like in the game against Eupen, a move, the promising full-depanneerde by suspensions and injuries as the top. Diego Montiel was still but for the second time this season in the base, and also georgia has progressively irakli Bugridze and Gregory Grisez came to the kick-off. At Eupen was chasing Hendrik Van Crombrugge on the bank, the Senegalese Babacar Niasse was his substitute under the crossbar.

Strong first half

Eupen started furious to the party. Alessio Castro Montes, by the supporters voted Player of the Year, to bounce back hard in the zijnet and also Fall and Ocansey showed that they felt. But after the openingskwartier took on Beerschot Wilrijk the command move over. Bugridze and Dom tried it from far away, but their sight was not as sharp. Fessou Placca was not much later interrupted by a strong Niasse. Also Montiel, Simons and Tissoudali names the Senegalese still under fire, but their efforts gone or next to it. The home team was for the break to have one more really dangerous. Vanhamel had a vrijschop of Danijel Milicevic in a corner, floating in the air. After a very pleasant first half was halfway still 0-0 and they were especially the Pandas are satisfied.

Debut Dudouit

After the coffee break was the soft spring sunshine, only just behind the horizon disappeared or the visitors were already cold packs. Captain Jordan Loties nodded a corner kick from Danijel Milicevic and beyond a grabbelende Mike Vanhamel: 1-0. Beerschot Wilrijk, like in the first half only after a quarter of an hour back in the match. Montiel sent Placca in the lane, the Togolese popped on Niasse and the thuisdoelman held also on the rebound from Montiel his nets clean. Toyokawa got a chance on the 2-0, but the small Japanese man was a strong Vanhamel on his way. In the slotkwartier took Vanzeir thuisdoelman Niasse again under fire, but the tall Senegalese had a brilliant day and would not let himself be surprised. There was still some positive news to pick it up at the bay of Kiel Rats: Emeric Dudouit if after a year full of injuries in the slotkwartier the moesgestreden Quinten Simons relaying on the right rear. It was the first minutes of the season for the unfortunate Frenchman. Goals were we not to see to the Kehrweg. Beerschot Wilrijk may Saturday for private people against Oostende trying to the season in beauty to close.