Austrian parliament votes on Monday on vote of no confidence against chancellor Kurz

5490dca800bbf1725553727cdffbb619 - Austrian parliament votes on Monday on vote of no confidence against chancellor Kurz

The Austrian parliament votes on Monday on an opposition-filed motion of no confidence against chancellor Sebastian Kurz. His position was weakened after the forced departure of the radicaalrechtse FPÖ out of government.

European parliament president Wolfgang Sobotka, which decided on the vote of confidence in, is just like the 32-year-old Kurz is a member of the conservative ÖVP. He said Tuesday it may be more desirable to consider that the vote on the motion after the European elections on Sunday would take place. As a result, the parliament Monday to 13 hours in special session.

The social democrats (SPÖ) and the FPÖ have not excluded the by the small greens Jetzt submitted motion of no support. You may need Kurz so after eighteen months in power, the field will have to clean up.

In Austria a simple majority in the parliament for a chancellor to walk to send. It would be the first time in the history of the country.

Illegal financing

The Nationalrat, the Austrian parliament, has 183 seats. The ÖVP of Kurz has 61, the SPÖ 52, the FPÖ 51, the liberals of Neos 10 and Jetzt 7. Two elected officials do not belong to a group.

The endless government crisis in Austria broke out after a video, in 2017 secretly Ibiza made, uitlekte who pointed to possible illegal financing of the FPÖ. In addition, the former FPÖ-leader Heinz-Christian Strache in the video, a woman who pretends to be the niece of a Russian oligarch open tenders in the prospect if they the party would help to achieve success in the parliamentary elections of 2017.

‘Dirty campaign’

Strache lost all his functions, all the other FPÖ-ministers stepped out of the government.

Itself, he said Tuesday, his innocence will be proved and find out who is behind the criminal video and dirty campaign from abroad against his person.