Yellow bibs lure less people on 26th protestdag

3751275c95041e4c29d726ff75f1a6a3 - Yellow bibs lure less people on 26th protestdag

Just about 18.600 ‘yellow shirts’ are Saturday in several French cities the street is constructed. Among them there were 1.200 in Paris, is evident from the figures of the ministry of Internal Affairs. The figure confirms the downward trend of the rise, after six months of protest against the social and fiscal policies of the government.

The organizers of the yellow bibs dispute the official figures. They counted Saturday, with more than 37,000 participants.

Last week had the Interior in a total of 18.900 protesters, who 1.460 in Paris – the organizers counted there are more than 40,000. That was also when the leanest rise since the start of the protest in mid-november. Also the weeks before, fell to the number of participants is already back. On november 17, was still 282.000 people.

In Lyon and Nantes were there Saturday marches. In both cities, where Saturday’s national protests of the day took place, there were always some 2,000 attendees. Also in Toulouse and Bordeaux, there were parades.

In Nantes and Toulouse, the riots between ordetroepen and protesters. So it was in Nantes a politiebrigade pelted with projectiles. Thereon were agents and they used non-lethal weapons to the crowd apart to hunt. In Lyon were agents bottles, stones and bombs dropped. Than put the police tear gas.


The first event was on 17 november, since then every Saturday, the protesters on the street. Despite concessions from president Emmanuel Macron is the protest does not lie. He made several promises and kept for three months a ‘National Debate’, in which all French people share their thoughts.

During the National Debate has Macron to say that ‘a deep sense of injustice felt: tax inequality, regional inequality and social inequality’. “But I felt that a lot of people find that too little account of them is taken’, says Macron. The president realizes that, especially the elite is targeted, and ‘in the first place,’ he himself.

“I believe that we have more to give in the way of the referendums,” Macron to meet a requirement of the yellow vests. He also promised a reduction of the income tax.