Two men in suspicion after the riots in Northern Ireland

1084da2c47948183e8cf2f7b343f9a94 - Two men in suspicion after the riots in Northern Ireland

Two men are in suspicion because of the riots last month in Londonderry in Northern Ireland. During those riots was a journalist Lyra McKee shot.

The men of 38 and 51 years old on Saturday for the first time for the court, reports the Northern Irish police. They are under more suspicion for disrupting the public order, arson and the use of molotov cocktails.

According to the British public broadcaster to remain the two defendants until further order in the cell. Two other men Thursday along with the two suspects arrested were released without inverdenkingstelling.

The 28-year-old journalist, was on april 18, was shot during the riots in the city that when the unionists known as Londonderry, but Derry in the republican camp.

The catholic-nationalist group, the New IRA claimed responsibility, but said that it was a “tragic” mistake. Who the deadly shot is fired, it is not yet clear.

New IRA comes from the splinter of the Irish Republican Army (IRA), during 30 years, in a violent manner, tried to make a unification of the two parts of Ireland to achieve. In the so-called ‘troubles’ were about 3,700 people to make the life plus 50,000 wounded. There came to an end with the Goedevrijdagakkoord of april 1998.