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SEC deals with the Plan of the ETF on Bitcoin & Ether – Coin Hero

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SEC deals with the Plan of the ETF on Bitcoin & Ether

Home News SEC deals with the Plan of the ETF on Bitcoin & Ether

Matthias Nemack –

In the current case, it is not just about Bitcoin ETFs. The new application with the SEC related to an offer with a commitment to Bitcoin and Ether at the same time.

A new application, despite the “exam jams” with the SEC

Persistent they are, the company, in the currencies as soon as possible, your own ETFs or Futures on the Cryptographic as the Bitcoin on the market in the USA want to spend. For months, the competent Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has decisions to planned Exchange-Traded Funds – short-ETFs – adjourned. For example, in the case of the applications of the service provider Vaneck and Bitwise, which is now allegedly in the course of the month of may decisions. In spite of the difficult circumstances surrounding the decisiveness of the SEC media now report on a further application for a planned ETF. It is, in a way – at least so far – to a peculiarity in its infancy ETF industry with reference to the crypto market. Until now, it was basically always the first crypto-currency Bitcoin, which is the pivotal point of such stock exchange-traded funds.

Providers to bring ETF on the New York stock exchange

Now, the company Crescent Crypto Index Services LLC provides. Attention with a project and, besides the Bitcoin in the Ethereum currency Ether. And although the Fund model to be launched simultaneously coupled to both Coins. The application was released by the securities and exchange Commission to the end of the week without a decision. Once more, the authority will have a high probability of time. The planned product should be called “USCF Crescent Crypto Index Fund”. As a “location” for trade the operator has chosen the NYSE Arca, everything should go quickly and as hoped on the stage. As a renowned money lenders of United States Commodity Funds (USCF) is on Board, as current messages. Investors who do not want to directly buy Bitcoin, or into ethers to invest, could benefit in the future about the Fund from rates on the Index-rate figure.

The industry hope is waiting on the first ETF shares

The company has developed a Bitcoin/Ether-Index. Transparency and “reliability” are two terms that the provider will write according to his own statement, from the beginning, great, if it’s only once so far and the supervision given their consent. The largest target group of development investors from the institutional sector are in the first place. Also, if the SEC is not pushing: From the environment to the authority, there have been repeated unofficial Statements, which are for a speedy admission of ETFs on crypto-currencies of Bitcoin than Ethereum to Litecoin and other Coins hope. Primarily, it is the high product safety requirements, which represent seemingly an obstacle.

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