Macron welcomes hostage citizens back on French soil

43e142e1ed30029df5b0ee3a39a4ade2 - Macron welcomes hostage citizens back on French soil

The two French citizens kidnapped in Benin are back in France. Two soldiers were killed in their bevrijdingsactie in Burkina Faso.

The two Frenchmen was kidnapped in Benin, and by their captors to neighboring Burkina Faso transferred. They were there, together with an American and South Korean hostage, freed by special units of the French army, but it came two soldiers to the life. President and Emmanuel Macron, received the two French and the South Korean upon their arrival on the tarmac of the military airport of Villacoublay, south of Paris.

Earlier in the day had liberated Laurent Lassimouillas still in the burkina faso capital Ouagadougou have expressed sympathy to the family of the killed soldiers. And his thoughts also went to the guide from Benin that the kidnapping was killed.

Lassimouillas and Patrick Picque, on 1 may kidnapped during their journey in Benin, in a zone that the French ministry of Foreign Affairs would advise against. Thursday night, they were then freed, together with the South Korean and an American.

Shortly after his arrival in France recognized Lassimouillas to the press that the advice had to follow and the conscious region avoid. It goes to the far north of Benin, at the border with Burkina Faso and Niger. There are armed terrorist groups are active and there is a risk of kidnapping.