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Leak: Craig Wright the first 70 Bitcoin claims to have addresses gemint – Coin Hero

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Leak: Craig Wright, claimed in court the first 70 Bitcoin to addresses gemint

Home News Leak: Craig Wright, claimed in court the first 70 Bitcoin addresses gemint to have

Marcus Misiak –

The self-proclaimed Bitcoin inventor, Craig Wright looks at the moment with a legal dispute faced in the framework of which he will have to disclose his Bitcoin addresses. As the Blog WizSec reported, Wright complied with this request and the first 70 mined Bitcoin has submitted addresses.

In accordance with a previous decision of the US District Court of the Southern District of Florida Craig Wright was asked his “transaction documents” up to 15. To place may 2019 open and to prove, what are the BTC addresses he has had since December 2013. Wright explained, however, that the creation of these Bitcoin addresses to be overly burdensome. Wright, who claimed to be the true Creator of Bitcoin, had declared that he created the crypto-currency with Dave Kleiman, what could be proved by the analysis of the early BTC addresses of the Creator of the crypto-currency.

In spite of the ongoing court proceedings, the Tokyo-based Bitcoin researcher Kim Nilsson of WizSec claims that the revised addresses “are not difficult to guess”. The Blog presents an unpublished Version of the court decision, Wright’s letter of reply shows. After the contents of the leaked letter, Wright claims that he “has reduced some of the early blocks on the Blockchain”. The Letter from Wright stating allegedly that he has mined the “first 70 blocks on the Blockchain”. The Wright issued a list of BTC addresses should be according to the WizSec just a “Copy-Paste-Job”. Interestingly, the author of the Blog-Posts claiming that the Person who informed him about the Similarity, Greg Maxwell, CTO of the block stream.

Furthermore, Nilsson writes, it turns out that the leaked PDF not deleted the meta has data (orphaned URL, annotations) for the last 45 addresses, which are referred to in the Letter. This should be according to Nilsson probably Hyperlinks to that has not removed the editorial process from the PDF. WizSec concludes therefore:

This gives us the certainty that our guess is correct. So what does this mean? Well, first of all, this is probably the previous list of addresses, with which the Kleimans and the judge were dissatisfied, and it is not difficult to understand why. What should be trivial to demonstrate, seems to avoid Wright consistently evasive and absurd excuses. What makes Wright, seems to be just a lazy Copy-Paste from the Blockchain, without cryptographic signatures to support its ownership claims. It is hard to believe that the self-proclaimed inventor of Bitcoin so ignorant about the basics of his invention. Perhaps, thinks Wright, a Bitcoin is what it means to be a Miner to show in Bitcoins and “Mine!” yelling?

Although the authenticity of the letter is not yet confirmed. Nevertheless, the Writing seems to be another indication of how plump Craig Wright tried his claim as Satoshi Nakamoto.

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