Israel border crossings with Gaza reopen

4d687a6dafd6af883e5becbf6fee3e04 - Israel border crossings with Gaza reopen

A week after the heaviest escalation of violence in five years, Israel has announced that the border crossings to the Gaza strip be opened again.

Sunday morning reopen Erez-transition and the transition for goods at Kerem Shalom, said the competent public service for Cogat Saturday night. Foreigners and Palestinians with a special approval and patients in need of medical care, the Erez-transition use.

The transitions were a few weeks ago is closed due to the escalation of violence. In that violence were 4 israelis and 25 Palestinians. Militant Palestinians fired about 700 rockets at Israel, the Israeli military attacked targets in the Gaza strip.

Since Monday, both parties to a ceasefire, which came into being by the mediation of Egypt. Qatar promised millions of dollars in aid for the Palestinians.

Friday all increased Israel the fishery, which is also curtailed by the violence. It is now extended to 22 kilometers from the coast of Gaza.

When new protests against the blockade of the Gaza strip, which is already more than a decade of power, it was Friday, a Palestinian killed. Hamas, in power in Gaza, that the blockade is lifted. Israel and Egypt would like to maintain for the sake of safety. The U.S. and Israel, but also the EU consider Hamas as a terrorist organization.