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Facebook wants to become a crypto-advertising is less strictly – Coin Hero

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Facebook wants to become a crypto-advertising are less strict

Home News Facebook wants in on crypto-advertising to be less strict

Matthias Nemack –

Facebook’s strict promotional restrictions in the crypto context, it is again corrected in points – in the sense of potential advertising partners.

Better opportunities for Advertisers and less bans?

Recently, it was finally known how Facebook envisions its entry into the crypto business, and what partners should help to ensure that everything runs right from the start. In the Wake of the reports of the experts reported also that users of the Social Media group are to be rewarded in the future with the Coins, if you are advertising content. And at exactly this point the circle closes, in a certain way. As the search engine giant Google, Facebook had blocked especially solid advertising for ICOs, the Bitcoin and other digital currencies from Ark to Zcash. In this advertising, the company plans to loosen a ban now according to recent Reports, finally.

Many of the topics could improve promotional opportunities

At least in the Parts you want to say goodbye to the seemingly of the up to now strict advertising policy in this context, as it is called from the environment of the Zuckerberg portal. The Fans of Ethereum and co. will be pleased, as well as interests that are looking for good Wallets. The platform hinted that the Ban on easing generally, products that can a context of crypto-currencies and crypto services. According to his own statement, responding primarily to the wishes and demands of the user. The long time required Preauthorization should be omitted for now, what should reduce the effort required for potential advertisers crypto-companies considerably. Also for News, education and Events with reference to the crypto world, the simplified framework should apply immediately.

Platform seemingly wants to prepare own Coin-Start

For the crypto and the Blockchain-industry could now begin a new time, even if Facebook is sticking with many of the points of the previous operation. Observers see in the step, especially advance planning. The Stablecoin from Facebook for use on the platform and in the Messenger on the market, critics point to the double standards. The Softening of the proceedings of the ad-Checks, the company takes the critical voices in the run-up to already the Wind out of the sails. It is basically the second easing of regulations, for mid-2018, some Changes had been made. Prior to Facebook, the U.S. Bank JPMorgan made some time ago with a private Stablecoin with a peg to the US Dollar.

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