Son Pedro Elias has cancer

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These are not fun times for Pedro Elias and his wife Evelyn Broekaert: their son Rover has cancer. In The Time to do Evelyn and Pedro this weekend, their account of the facts and those are not fun, quite the contrary. In the summer of 2015, Evelyn and Pedro, are the proud parents of a son. Pedro Elias proposals is not necessary, his life partner Evelyn knows you may still have the program Click id that about 10 years ago on tv ran. Both of them, they work for Woestijnvis, though their working rhythms recently modified to accommodate their son. Just before the spring mid-term break, there were signals that something was wrong with Rover. “He saw, very often turned out to be. He was moaning a lot. At school they said the same thing: ‘He does not play more on the playground, always wants a hand to the teacher and has constantly cold.’ That was our child,” says mama Evelyn in Time. There was an appointment with the doctor. Evelyn and Pedro thought to iron deficiency but after she the results of the blood test were told, they thought immediately of cancer. The value of the white blood cell count was 230, that should be more than 1500. The doctor suggested the couple feel free but referred them to the hospital. There was a few days later again, blood drawn. Meanwhile, it was already 540. The professor suggested them, don’t hesitate, only if Rover fever would get, he had to come inside. And that would later happen, and so it went in the direction of Gasthuisberg in Leuven. Rover was a series of studies with a room in the department of cancer for children. This gave the couple a cold shower: Rover had cancer. The world of Evelyn and Pedro collapsed. Their son was a long agony waiting for: 2 years of chemo and six months of intensive. But the doctors insured the torque that the Rover would recover. So there is light at the end of the tunnel, although that tunnel is still very long. Rover now receives four times per week for chemo. Pedro: “This will be six difficult months, but we’re going to do this. When I heard that Rover bald would be, I stood almost with the clippers ready to my hair to shave. All I found that symbooldaden past self silly, but for a Rover I don’t find it silly. And what other people can do? Give blood to the Red Cross. So anyone can bring a stone to shift,” he concluded in The Time. We can get you the interview, really recommend, maybe you have different lessons in life from learning.

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