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Son (3) of presenter Pedro Elias affected by cancer

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Rover, the 3-year-old son of presenter Pedro Elias and Woestijnvis-editor Evelien Broekaert, has cancer. That made the tv presenter known in an interview with The Time.

Pedro Elias and levensgezelin Evelyn Broekaert both work for production company Woestijnvis. Since march is going to their attention, however, especially to their son Rover, who has cancer.

‘Rover is a very enthusiastic guy, but shortly before the spring mid-term break weakness that’, says Broekaert at The Time. “He saw, very often turned out to be. He was moaning a lot. At school they said the same. I thought of iron deficiency and so we went blood. in the Evening called the doctor: “His white blood cells are very low. 230. Actually it should be at least 1.500.”’

“My first question was: ‘is this cancer?” The health said not. Nothing pointed to them. Because the red blood cells and platelets were tiptop. So we heaved a breath: no cancer.”

Two years of chemotherapy

Also, after an inspection in the Gasthuisberg hospital in Leuven, there seemed to be nothing to hand. But three days later Rover fever, and brought his parents Rover again to the hospital. “And when they said that anyway: “Your son has cancer.” The world crashed in.’

The three-year-old boy will now need two years of chemotherapy followed, including six months of intensive. The chance of recovery is very large, leaving the doctors to the couple to know.

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