Roel Vanderstukken frustrated by the politics

88a85c1476937767985ed8f8d42d30fa - Roel Vanderstukken frustrated by the politics

During the municipal elections by the end of 2018 came to Roel Vanderstukken yet for Green in his thuisgemeente Glabbeek, but in the meantime the Family-actor-his faith in politics lost. Also, for the next elections was Vanderstukken surveyed by Green, but the actor refused. “Politics is becoming less a tool to bring about change, but rather a platform to hard to call against people who do want to change something and to which way, a lot of votes to recruit,” it sounds hard to Roel Vanderstukken in the Story. “That is something that more and more parties to guilty, and what I find frustrates. And that is bad for my heart,” says the actor. Still, Roel Vanderstukken concerned with the climate, even though he knows that he is not green enough to give him a real green to call it, he laughs in the magazine.

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