Own tv-program for the winner of Bake Off Flanders

7ad6861dec9373a1055705f2a1724135 - Own tv-program for the winner of Bake Off Flanders

The brand new culinary tv-magazine ‘In the mix’ inspires in different categories with short recipes and reports about products with us. Julie Van den Driesschen (winner of Bake Off Flanders 2018) makes basic cakes and shows that baking really is for everyone. Top chef Bart Desmidt inspires again with quick appetizers and bartender Hannah Van Ongevalle shaket surprising mocktails. Healthy foodie Steffi Vertriest and all-rounder Jeroen De Pauw go in their section to work with all sorts of handy kitchen appliances.

Julie Van den Driesschen “Baking, you must not stress to deliver, only fun! It makes me very happy to see others enjoy my cakes or pies. That I from now on also on njam! my passion for baking to share, I think, of course, fantastic!”

In the mix, new on njam! as of may 5,
Every Sunday a new episode to 9h00,12h00 and 17h00

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