Netanyahu: ‘I army ordered massive attacks to continue’

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Israeli prime minister Netanyahu hits back hard after the violence on the Palestinian border this weekend opflakkerde.

A commander of Hamas on Sunday in Gaza killed at a precisiebombardement of Israel. Later, two members of the group Islamic Jihad. Both Israel and Hamas gave Sunday to know will continue.

“I have the army ordered massive attacks against the terrorist elements from the Gaza strip to continue, and ordered to tanks, artillery and troops around the Gaza strip to strengthen,” said Netanyahu against his council of ministers, according to his services. Along the side of Hamas showed a high commander, Mahmoud al-Zahar, also know that ‘we will not stop attacks’. On Sunday, five Palestinians and two Israeli civilians.

The 34-year-old Hamas commander, Hammed al-Khudari, was killed when his car was bombed in the centre of the city of Gaza, says the ministry of Health of the Gaza strip. According to Israel, he was involved in the transfer of Iranian funds to Hamas and Islamic Jihad’.

Later on Sunday, Mohammed Abu Armana (30) and Mahmoud Abou Armanah (27) to Israeli bombing in the centre of the Gaza strip, according to the ministry. Islamic Jihad reported that two members of its armed branch.

Rocket fire and bombing

Earlier in the day were there in the conflict have been four deaths. Two Palestinians were killed in Israeli bombardment in eastern Gaza, reported the study. Two Israeli citizens died in rocket attacks on Ashkelon and Yad Mordechai, in southern Israel, said a local hospital. A third Israeli was in a critical condition.

The conflict between Hamas and Israel flared up after four Palestinians were killed and 51 others were injured in weekly protests along the border of the Gaza strip with Israel. Also, two Israeli soldiers were injured. According to the Israeli army fired it since then, at least 260 rockets at targets in the Gaza strip, while Hamas about 450 missiles would have been fired. The luchtafweersysteem of Israel has intercepted almost all rockets.

Eurovision song contest

Envoys of the United Nations and Egypt try a further escalation of violence to avoid. A cease-fire have the mediators, however, are still not able to achieve.

For Israel, this new peak of violence, particularly inconvenient. The country would be between 14 and 18 may, the Eurovision song contest should be organize in Tel Aviv. The city was in the middle of march is still the target of long-range missiles from Gaza were launched.

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