Monday starts the last week Of Gils & Guests

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Monday, may 6 in the late evening-talk show Van Gils & guests last week in in One. It was a successful season, with an average of 475.667 viewers (4+, Live +7), and peaks up to even 614.759 viewers (episode on 27/03). Lieven Van Gils and the entire team will work with their guests to a memorable end.

Extra special is the last episode, on Thursday 9 may. The reels will be turned over to a Guests & Van Gils. The guests themselves take the command of Lieven Van Gils, who are all from his familiar seat at the head of the table will have to undergo. Itself he knows in advance which guests come and what is going to happen, and everything was in the greatest of secrecy by the team prepared.

Lieven Van Gils: “I am attracted to the enjoy the latest episodes of van Gils & guests. On the other hand, I sit with mixed feelings because I know that I had to go have to take. Farewell to a program that I with heart and soul. But mainly to say goodbye to a fantastic team with whom I spent four years of intensive have worked. The thought that I have them from Thursday will have to learn to miss, makes me already sad. But I’m grateful that we can end in beauty, and that we will go out with a bang. Even though I don’t know how that bang on Thursday will look or sound.”(laughs)

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