Monday in The Embassy

106eb54ea8ac53b17039a0ca5f7a1158 - Monday in The Embassy

Monday in the fourth episode of The Embassy is an important day for the Belgian embassy in Bangkok. Ambassador Philippe gives a chic dinner, and this must be the time of year to be in the diplomatic circles of Bangkok. He pulls all the stops: from extract with a guest of the Thai royal family to the restaurant top of the world-famous Belgian-Thai Blue Elephant restaurant. The food would certainly not be a problem, because the jet set of the world extends love to the table in the Blue Elephant. Also under other queen Mathilde went there already dining.

In New York car, a lot of Belgians their chance to make it in The Big Apple. The Flemish actress and singer-songwriter from Schilde Alice Van Heuven, better known as Alice Avery, is one of them: “I came to New York with the idea of the new Katy Perry. I was young and had many dreams. Now I have by that there are so many musicians and artists who have so much talent. Here ‘make’ is already just can live of the music and only the music.” That was her straight away and in the meantime, Alice is back in Belgium and she acted again in the scripted reality tv series SOS 112.

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