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IOTAs important partnerships of the year in 2019 – an Overview

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IOTAs important partnerships of the year in 2019 – an Overview

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Marcel Knobloch –

The price of IOTA is a far cry from its former High of over $ 4.50. Nevertheless, IOTA has some strong partners from the private sector, the great potential in the IOTA, the technology used, the Tangle see. Many partnerships have been developed with German Firms, however, the IOTA can be used in many sectors of the economy. We look at the most important cooperation partners of the IOTA Foundation and what progress there is in the current projects.

IOTA has raised since its inception in the year 2015 a great interest in Tech companies and car manufacturers. This well-known sizes such as Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, Bosch, and Fujitsu. In the past, announcements have led to increases in cooperation with the industry heavyweights price. Due to the sideways market these events, however, show (for the time being) have no effect on the current price.

Cooperation with the IBCS Group

For IOTA, the year of 2019 began with a partnership with the IBCS Gruppeam 08.01.2019. The company intends to use the Tangle technology for Track & Trace Supply Chain solutions. The ibcsTracker of Poland is to use the Tangle, to collect information and to all the connected logistics companies. The Tracker is fixed as well as safe and is therefore ideal as a Integration in data verwalung system. The Chairman of the IBCS Group, Brian Marcel, at a press conference on the current state (freely translated):

We have developed the IOTA Powered solution, first in Poland, but the next step is the Expansion in our other countries in Central Europe. Ultimately, it is our goal to provide all customers of the IBCS group, a better understanding of where important assets in the supply chain, are present, in order to increase the efficiency and the strategic Management of their assets.

CryptoStorage AG

IOTA has developed, in cooperation with the Crypto Storage LTD is a storage solution for institutional investors, the larger funds of MIOTA for sure want to keep. In particular, companies with large capital reserves, should be addressed, since easy access is also safe, cannot often be found in the industry. According to the last statement of the company, increases the demand on the infrastructure provided steitig, as more and more industry will want to identify partners with the potential and the chances for a sustainable use. David Sønstebø, co-founder of IOTA, sees great potential in the partnership, the adaptation of IOTA further in (freely translated):

Backup the data with the infrastructure of the Crypto Storage AG will contribute to the development of these concepts and the Vision of the IOTA Foundation to support a Machine-to-Machine economy.

IOTA as an incubator

IOTA is entered into with NOVA, a partnership, to grab Startups under the arms and in the process, Know-How, as well as Chapter to provide, in order to realize the visions and ideas of young entrepreneurs. Andrew Dean, head of the Department of cooperation in the case of Nova, (freely translated):

We want to make sure that the IOTA-entrepreneurs have the best possible chances of success. Some of the most exciting technological developments of our time are driven by the IOTA technology, and we look forward to a part help to bring some of these ideas to the market.

IOTA has a large network of partners, and many companies are testing the IOTA Tangle mounted in a number of processes within many different areas of application. Nevertheless, the project is still at the beginning of their long Vision.

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