Finally new music by Jasper Erkens

0ce9aa0518ca893c119913b23df6b355 - Finally new music by Jasper Erkens

Jasper Erkens brahct Friday his new EP ‘Innocent Desires’, that is the successor of the debut album ‘Drawing A Line’ from 2017. Where Erkens for ‘Drawing A Line’ the map pulled of electronic elements and big productions, he turns for ‘Innocent Desires’ to return to his beloved roots.

Erkens worked for the 4 tracks on the EP again, together with Fritz Sundermann, the producer who is also in charge of his debut album ‘The Brighter Story’, and the successingles ‘Waiting Like A Dog’ and ‘Stay Alive’. The EP is a return to the organic singer-songwriter sound that Jasper Erkens is known.

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