David Vandyck and Thomas Berge hitting hands together

3dafce937d22a456c04f042c585fddcf - David Vandyck and Thomas Berge hitting hands together

Loneliness is David Vandyck and Thomas Berge closely to the heart. After the single ‘Alone’ from this duo appeared, is now also the video clip was launched via YouTube. You can see in the clip that the duo together on the track and o.a. posters to paste on their self-launched campaign. The phone number in the clip to see is you can also really make a call with your story about loneliness. Phone they can on pre-agreed moments. So you can just call them directly with David or Thomas. The agreed times when David and Thomas reached will be announced via their Facebook pages. We can already inform you that on Monday, may 6 David Vandyck can reach between 10am and 12 noon, while Thomas is between 13h and 15h accessible. This info we came up against through, which to them was provided by Warner Music.

‘Alone’ is a clear call to loneliness and social isolation what to give more attention. David and Thomas want the theme to discussion and hope we all have a little more time for our parents, neighbours, acquaintances or people we encounter throughout our busy lives. Through their music, try David and Thomas people a heart under the belt to cross: “Because together, you now stand once stronger than all alone.”

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