‘Cardigans jaunes’ love protest for 25 weeks in France

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The demonstrators of the ‘yellow vests’-movement, Saturday again on the street in France. They argue against the social and fiscal policies of the government, but the number of participants weakens off.

In the capital, Paris are three of the demonstrations has been adopted, including a parade along mediagebouwen in the west of Paris and a ‘festive occupation ” of the airport Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle airport. Also in cities such as Lyon, Toulouse and Montpellier is called upon to argue.

The first event was on 17 november, since then every Saturday, the protesters on the street. Despite concessions from president Emmanuel Macron is the protest does not lie. He made several promises and kept for three months a ‘National Debate’, in which all French people share their thoughts.

During the National Debate has Macron to say that ‘a deep sense of injustice felt: tax inequality, regional inequality and social inequality’. “But I felt that a lot of people find that too little account of them is taken’, says Macron. The president realizes that, especially the elite is targeted, and ‘in the first place,’ he himself.

“I believe that we have more to give in the way of the referendums,” Macron to meet a requirement of the yellow vests. He also promised a reduction of the income tax.


Also Wednesday came the yellow vests on the street in France, but there are riots. There were eventually 200 people arrested during the may 1 demonstration, more than 7.400 police officers took to the streets in Paris.

The manifestations are already a few weeks marred by violence and looting, especially in Paris and other major cities such as Bordeaux or Toulouse.

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