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Antwerp Giants wins the consolation class at Bamberg and takes third place in Champions League

be489abef8e77d75d8eaecff69d45733 - Antwerp Giants wins the consolation class at Bamberg and takes third place in Champions League

Antwerp Giants stood, although not in the final, but during the small final on Sunday were our countrymen still have the chance to win the Champions League with a victory to conclude. Did the Giants also prompt: they beat Bamberg and are third in the Champions League. The final score was 58-72.

Telenet Giants Antwerp took on a brilliant way goodbye to an amazing European campaign. The Inhabitants won in the Arena the small final of the Final Four of the Champions League.

Bamberg came into the camp for the third place the best out of the starting blocks. Tyrese Rice, voted the MVP of the Champions League, took his team in tow. Ismael Bako, was voted best center of the League of Champions responded with two nice alley-oops, but the Giants had after a 4-4 intermediate position, however, the role solve: 12-6. Tyler Kalinoski dropped a bomb (16-10), but the Giants had in the first quarter a bad shotselectie and remained behind the facts constantly. The Greek star Nikos Zisis scored and kept the Germans to leadership: 18-13. Jae’Sean Tate milderde to 18-15 after the first quarter.

Tate explodes

Immediately in the second quarter of the exploded Jae’Sean Tate. The American forward was the driving force behind the 18-22 gap, and this after a 0-10 tussenspurt! The palace of sports “exploded” and established himself as one block behind the Inhabitants.

Bamberg responded immediately to a 24-22 bonus, but Jae’Sean Tate responded with a bomb. The strong playing Tate recovered, however, soon his second error and then disappeared to the bank. Hans Vanwijn punished German losts and at 24-27 fled coach Federico Perego of Bamberg in a time-out. Moses Kingsley enlarged the Antwerp-based bonus, and with a three pointer and dunk to a 26-32 lead. The Giants went in the end of the first half on their momentum further and went after a captivating second quarter of the rest in with a 26-37 bonus.

Tussenspurt Bamberg

Bamberg started the third slider with a 6-0 tussenspurt (32-37), but Telenet Giants Antwerp was not started. Tyler Kalinoski continued with triples extract and after a flashy drive Yoeri Blades gin to a 32-42 Antwerp bonus. Vic Sanders found his momentum and dropped two of the three pointer: 34-49! This gap could the Giants, however, in the third quarter are not to further explore. Bamberg showed, however, character and responded to 42-50. With a vrijworp of Hans Vanwijn started the Giants in the last quarter with a 42-51 standings.

Bamberg wanted to, but the Giants pushed on the gas pedal. Dave Dudzinski managed a 2 on 2 and Thomas Akyazili managed after a wonderful drive also two bombs and pushed Telenet Giants Antwerp to 47-62. At 47-67 flickered in an atmospheric sports palace of the twenties on the beautiful scoreboard. Paris Lee scored in the fourth quarter-his first points, and the Giants were also comfortable money-time: 51-70. After a stunning party left Telenet Giants Antwerp the convincing victory is no longer in danger.

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