Ajax midway at 2-0 in the cup final against Willem II

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Ajax midway at 2-0 in the cup final against Willem II

05 may 2019 16:28
05-05-19 16:28
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Ajax and Willem II Sunday night opposite each other in the final of the TOTO KNVB Cup. The match in The Cockpit is at 18.00 began. Follow the match in our liveblog.

  • Finale KNVB Cup
  • Willem II-Ajax
  • Half time score: 0-2
  • At 18.00 hrs kick off

Willem II-Ajax · 4 minutes ago

As yet proves Klaas Jan Huntelaar the equal of Erik ten Hag. He decides to start with this hit before resting the cup final?Willem II-Ajax · 7 minutes ago,’Erik ten Hag must quickly in the second half players save for the match against Tottenham Hotspur.’

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Willem II-Ajax · 11 minutes geledenKlaas Jan Huntelaar is always good for a goal in the cup final.

⚽ – @KJ_Huntelaar is the 3rd player in 3 KNVB cup finals scores after Johan Cruijff (5 different) and Piet Keizer (3) #WILAJA #TOTOKNVBBekerfinale


AuteurGracenoteNetherlandsMoment of plaatsen18:49 – may 5, 2019Willem II-Ajax · 13 minutes agoRest!
Ajax and Willem II to go with the tea. The Players lead comfortable with 0-2, goals scored by Blind and Huntelaar.Willem II-Ajax · 15 minutes geleden45′ There will be a minute of injury time in The Cockpit.Willem II-Ajax · 17 minutes ago

41′ The first two chances for Ajax, his direct touch. Decided Ajax was the duel all for peace?Willem II-Ajax · 21 minutes ago39′ GOAL Ajax! 0-2
Ajax stings immediately another one in. After a great attack works Huntelaar cold-blooded.Willem II-Ajax · 23 minutes ago,37′ GOAL Ajax! 0-1
Daley Blind blasts it in on the cross from Tadic. The header is Willem II goalkeeper Wellenreuther too powerful.Willem II-Ajax · 23 minutes geleden36 ” this is A good opportunity for Alexander Isak. With his back to goal he gets the ball, but instead of being used to play shoot the Swede himself. Through a following his departure to chelsea the ball on the touchline.Willem II-Ajax · 26 minutes geleden34′ The Ajax fans chanting the name of Abdelhak Nouri in minute 34. An impressive tribute.Willem II-Ajax · 29 minutes ago

30′ up To now, this was the biggest chance of the match. Alexander Isak seems to be on the way to the 1-0, but Matthijs de ligt charges down his shot.Willem II-Ajax · 35 minutes geleden24′ After a quarter of the match, the position is still 0-0. Many small transgressions ensure that the pace of the match remains low.Willem II-Ajax · 37 minutes ago

22′ is, of Course, the cup final also in the sign of Abdelhak Nouri. The midfielder made his debut on behalf of Ajax in 2016 against the opponent of today.Willem II-Ajax · 40 minutes geleden19′ Goalkeeper Wellenreuther gives the ball simple to Ajax. Fortunately for Willem II to benefit the Locals.Willem II-Ajax · 43 minutes geleden16′ Willem II bites more. Now, Alexander Isak for danger, his effort is blocked by Matthijs de ligt.Willem II-Ajax · 44 minutes geleden15′ Fernando Lewis breaks through on the right wing. The defender is alone, no team mate.Willem II-Ajax · one hour geleden13′ Pol Llonch going to be hard to Tagliafico. Currently holds Gözübüyük the cards in the pocket.Willem II-Ajax · one hour geleden12′ Willem II in the opening phase is not involved. Ajax has the game in hands.Willem II-Ajax · one hour geleden9′ There is Huntelaar. On a hard cross from the Brook works the striker to the ball just next to it.Willem II-Ajax · one hour ago

7′ It is still quiet for both goals in the opening stages.Willem II-Ajax · one hour geleden4, ” here is the first work for André Onana. The goalkeeper plucks a cross from Palacios simple from the air.Willem II-Ajax · one hour geleden3′ Ajax put Willem II immediately fixed on its own half. The people of tilburg gambling on a counter.Willem II-Ajax · one hour agoKick-off! Isak brings the ball on behalf of Willem II to the rolls. The cup final has begun!Willem II-Ajax · one hour ago

Preparation Willem II: Wellenreuther; Lewis, Heerkens, Peters, Meissner, Dankerlui; Tapia, Llonch, Palacios; Isak and Pavlidis

Setup Ajax: Onana; Kristensen, Is, Blind, Tagliafico; De Jong, Mazraoui, Of the Brook, Ziyech, Huntelaar and TadicWillem II-Ajax · one hour ago

A beautiful sfeeractie of the Willem II supporters. With this beautiful banner to support their team.Willem II-Ajax · one hour geledenWe go slightly later start to the cup final. Outside the stadium there is still a large group of Willem II fans.Willem II-Ajax · one hour geledenVooralsnog seem both goalkeepers just in the competition to begin.Willem II-Ajax · one hour ago

It will be happening to you, in the file there are on the way to the cup final. Yet not all supporters of Willem II are in The Cockpit fifteen minutes before kick-off.Willem II-Ajax · one hour geledenOok André Onana does not seem okselfris. The Ajax-goalie, just like his Willem II-fellow, previously to the dressing room.Willem II-Ajax · one hour geledenWillem II-goalkeeper Wellenreuther stops his warm-up. It is doubtful whether he at the kick-off appears.Willem II-Ajax · one hour ago

“Against Wigan it was perfect’
Erik ten Hag to choose Noussair Mazraoui on the midfield in the cup final. No striking choice according to the coach. “We know that he can do in midfield. So we did it also in the cup against Heerenveen. When did that perfectly,” explains At Hag out in front of the camera of FOX Sports.Willem II-Ajax · one hour ago

More than half an hour before the kick-off of the cup final sitting in The Tub all filled up, there are reportedly still a lot of Willem II fans in the file.Willem II-Ajax · 2 hours geledenArjan Swinkels know how it is to get to the cup win. With his club KV Mechelen, he won last week in the Belgian cup final. Between 2004 and 2012, Swinkels, Willem II shirt. He wishes his former club success against Ajax.

👊 Thank youuuuu, Arjan!
#VoorNiemandBang #Cup Final #WILaja


AuteurWillem IIMoment of plaatsen17:25 – 5 may 2019Willem II-Ajax · 2 hours ago

Crowley on the bench at Willem II
Willem II start the cup final without Daniel Crowley. The Englishman plays this season almost anything, but sit on the couch. “You’re making certain trade-offs on the basis of the previous matches against Ajax. When picked up, our plan is not good, that is why Crowley today at the bank,” says Willem II-trainer Adrie Koster at FOX Sports.Willem II-Ajax · 2 hours geledenDe atmosphere in Rotterdam is in the meanwhile well in.




AuteurAFC AjaxMoment of plaatsen17:20 – may 5, 2019Willem II-Ajax · 2 hours ago

The last time that Ajax the KNVB Cup won was in 2010. Over two games it was Ajax then too strong for Feyenoord. Siem de Jong was the big man with four hits in the two duels.Willem II-Ajax · 2 hours geledenMocht tonight, purpose in a penalty is Ajax something in advantage. A possible penalty shoot-out is for the supporters of the Amsterdammers finished.

⚽️ | Any penalty to be on the side of the supporters of @AFCAjax taken.
#TOTOKNVBBeker #wilaja


AuteurKNVBMoment of plaatsen16:58 – 5 may 2019Willem II-Ajax · 2 hours ago’The preparation of Huntelaar and Kristensen is a logical decision of Erik ten Hag’

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Willem II-Ajax · 2 hours geledenEen pathetic face. Frenkie de Jong gets the latest succeswensen of his father.

😘 | Father The Young want Frenkie success.


AuteurFOX SportsMoment of plaatsen16:42 – may 5, 2019Willem II-Ajax · 2 hours ago

These are the eleven names of Willem II: Wellenreuther; Lewis, Meissner, Peters, Heerkens, Dankerlui; Tapia, Palacios, Llonch; Isak and Pavlidis.

Willem II-Ajax · 2 hours agoUp!
Ajax start with Klaas-Jan Huntelaar in the striker against Willem II. This is the complete set-up of the Locals: Onana; Kristensen, Is, Blind, Tagliafico; Of the Stream, Mazraoui, The Young, Ziyech, Huntelaar and Tadic.Willem II-Ajax · 2 hours geledenDe team bus of Willem II has arrived at The Cockpit.

#VoorNiemandBang #Cup Final #WILaja


AuteurWillem IIMoment of plaatsen16:32 – may 5, 2019Willem II-Ajax · 3 hours geledenDe cup is now in Rotterdam. It is still more than an hour and a half waiting for the kick-off of Willem II-Ajax.

#VoorNiemandBang #Cup Final #WILaja


AuteurWillem IIMoment of plaatsen16:10 – may 5, 2019Willem II-Ajax · 3 hours geledenWie picks up the TOTO KNVB Cup?

  • Willem II
  • Ajax

Willem II-Ajax · 3 hours geledenHet shirt from Willem II for today is a collector’s item.


AuteurWillem IIMoment of plaatsen15:56 – may 5, 2019Willem II-Ajax · 3 hours geledenOok the Ajax-players are now on the road!

And so are the boys! 😍


AuteurAFC AjaxMoment of plaatsen15:34 – may 5, 2019Willem II-Ajax · 3 hours geledenNiet only in Tilburg, but also in Amsterdam convert the supporters from their home to sail to Rotterdam.

Fans on their way…🚆


AuteurAFC AjaxMoment of plaatsen14:57 – may 5, 2019Willem II-Ajax · 3 hours geledenOok fans of the Team will the cup final with an eye to follow.

If Ajax the cup wins, Feyenoord in the second round of the EL to skip, and flows only in the third preliminary round.


AuteurMichel AbbinkMoment of plaatsen15:29 – 5 may 2019Willem II-Ajax · 4 hours geledenTaferelen as we know it around a cup final: full buses and people on the overpasses. Yet less than three hours to kick off!

Of course fans and @omroepbrabant on the overpasses! #willemII #finals


AuteurRaymond MerkxMoment of plaatsen15:10 – may 5, 2019Back to top

Image: Pro Shots


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