“Young girl” Laura Tesoro blows Jan Leyers of his socks

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Of the 8 artists in Spain, Jan Leyers, the greatest number of kilometers on his counter. Undoubtedly, he is also the most versatile professional, or “chameleon”, as Bart Kaëll the calls, but he especially has an impressive musical career developed, solo or with belgium to become. He explains his multi-talent in the following way: “life is a playground and I want to have her”. Music is a self-evident part of his life: “It is as if you to someone would ask: do you Like the air you breathe? Who is there, who will always be there and the day that they are not there anymore is if I am dead”.

When Jan told me that he was asked for the program, said his youngest daughter: “You are going to that and still do, for sure! You will fi-na-lly something plezants do on tv! Always with your serious things to say about Mecca and monasteries,… now do something plezants!”. And so on Monday, may 6 in his extensive repertoire is central in Love for Music. “Bet that ge is going to vienna”… it would be a good song title, according to Jan. The original covers and the variety of genres allow him more than once with open mouth, but if there is a tear to be seen…

Bart Kaëll the evening kick off with his adaptation of Only Your Love Will Do. The number jumped in for him immediately, because he is there, the melodies of Pachelbel recognize. Bart does a “Bart Kaëll meets Pachelbel meets Jan Leyers”-version of it.

The admiration of Kommil Foo for belgium to become is immense, so they go for belgium to become number, of Locks & Keys. Kommil Foo would Kommil Foo are not if they the number is not on a quirky Dutch would leave.

Everyone knows the number That They are The Best of Clouseau, but only a few people know that it is from the pen of Jan Leyers. “It was the first Dutch-language popnummer that I have written. I let it hear to Kris Wauters and saw a Clouseau-number.” Milow to go to work because he is so affected during a Clouseau concert in the Sportpaleis. It is for him the first time that he was in the Dutch singing.

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