The Nelson Twinz set the second single for

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The Nelson Twinz is a musical twins from the Netherlands, usually in the Antwerp live. Their mother was the singer of Sonic Surfers (hit: “Don’t You Give It Up”) and the father was a well known music producer from Suriname. She inherited the creative genes from both parents, because Tachena and Seantelle composing, making music and singing as the best.
“2 Dollar 50” is their 2nd single (the successor of “Bye Bye”, which already by various radios was picked up) and that they went straight into the London’s South London (SOHO), Sefi Carmel, and who worked on tracks of David Bowie, Phil Collins, Bruno Mars, Michael Bublé, Massive Attack, … and remixed soundtracks of ” Gone in 60 Seconds (with Nicolas Cage), The Kid (with Bruce Willis) and many other. Tachena and Seantelle Nelson are young ladies with pit, where we in the future still more will hear it.

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