Passenger plane slides of runway in river in Florida

448073a3b12e424b53d9f5ead1179dfa - Passenger plane slides of runway in river in Florida

In Jacksonville, in the U.s. state of Florida, is a passenger plane at the military airport of the runway deteriorated and in an adjacent river system. All occupants have the incident survived.

Onboard the aircraft – a Boeing 737 – were, according to American media about 140 people. The aircraft came from the U.s. naval base Guantanamo Bay in Cuba and had as destination Jacksonville, Flordia. Friday night local time, landed the aircraft, but it was by an as yet unclear cause in the St. Johns river. About the exact circumstances of the accident is currently no clarity.

The plane is in shallow water. All occupants were evacuated. There were 21 people taken to the hospital, but no one suffered severe injuries.

On board the aircraft were personnel from the military base in Guantanamo and their families.

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