North Korea launched several short-range missiles

24e63670cf6eee1833bc0e4826ecb829 - North Korea launched several short-range missiles

North Korea has Saturday several short-range missiles fired in the direction of the Sea of Japan. That South Korean media reported with reference to the army.

Pyongyang ‘fired between 09.06 hours (02.06 pm (Belgian time), ed) and 09.27 hours from the peninsula Hodo, near the coastal city of Wonsan, several missiles in the north-east direction”, said the army in a communiqué. The projectiles put a distance between 70 and 200 km.

Since the failed summit in February between the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and Us president, Donald Trump is the uncertainty about the situation on the Korean peninsula are again increased. Both sides fail to reach a consensus around the issue of the denuclearization of North Korea. Ten days ago, met with Kim Jong-un Russian president Vladimir Putin. He suggested that the impasse between North Korea and the United States to break.

Earlier this week Pyongyang the United States has warned of ‘an unwanted result if they take their position at the end of the year would not adjust. The negotiations on the ballistic and nuclear program of North Korea to sit in the meantime already for three months in a deadlock.

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