Maha Vajiralongkorn crowned the new king in Thailand

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Maha Vajiralongkorn (66) was officially crowned the new king. That happened during a ceremony in the royal palace in Bangkok. The festivities go on till may 6.

After more than two years of mourning for his in October 2016 late father, king Bhumibol Adulyadej, was Maha Vajiralongkorn officially king is crowned. King Bhumibol was seventy years on the throne, and had a great moral authority. After his father, king Rama IX, is Vajiralongkorn king Rama X. He is the tenth member of the Chakri dynasty that king is since Rami I ascended the throne in 1782. It is not exceptional that there is so much time will be taken for the official coronation. King Bhumibol was only four years after the succession of his brother, Ananda Mahidol, was crowned.

The ceremony includes both Hindu and Buddhist rituals, which for centuries carried out. The most important part is the bathing ritual. Vajiralongkorn was given a purifying bath, with holy water from five rivers and four lakes on his head was cast. Meanwhile, echoed with a fanfare of drums, trumpets, and on the background of traditional Thai music. Sunday will follow a public procession, Monday, the king will the locals greet.

The main part of the ceremony will take place behind closed doors in the famous Grand Palace in Bangkok, but everything is also broadcast live on television and the internet, and everyone can participate in the celebrations.


Thailand got Wednesday unexpectedly a new queen. Three days before his official coronation named Vajiralongkorn and his wife Suthida Vajiralongkorn as queen. It was not known that both of them were married.

In 2014 was Suthida Tidjai recorded as a bodyguard. She previously worked as a flight attendant at Thai Airways. In december 2016, she was promoted to general of the army, and she was given the title “thanpuying”, a royal title equivalent to ‘lady’.

It was also the fourth time that Vajiralongkorn got married got. The king already has five sons and two daughters from his previous marriages, but only one bears the title of prince.

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