Jasmine Van Hoof posing in striking bikinifoto

72993e57f0987feb4952461f00f79929 - Jasmine Van Hoof posing in striking bikinifoto

Jasmine Van Hoof currently enjoys a week’s holiday. Together with her Family-colleague Margot Hallemans she went to the sun and posing them for her Instagram followers in bikini, and with a clear goal in mind. She wants her followers to get out of the Insta-bubble.

The actress who is in the Family in the role of Stefanie Coppens put two pictures of herself in a bikini online, and this would make a clear difference to demonstrate. “On that first photo is really NOTHING, of course,” writes Jasmine Van Hoof on Instagram about the first photo that “posed and edited”. “It is in the scene, good background, wanted, posed, lighted, filtered, cropped,… My back broke almost in two of that pose, and I could a maximum of five seconds to one piece of hold. And for this photo was good enough, there are another 70 in the garbage bin ended up because of “ugly” “too much belly” “ass need to be thicker”. So I see there’s also really not. So I make also don’t like pictures, because I am not… I am much happier if I allow the wife to be on that second photo. No shame, no “as if”. Accept. My body and accept as it looks and as the time evolves.”

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