Home-actress gets no chance to be on tv

912e6ca863f9f29b3842f38aca5cecaf - Home-actress gets no chance to be on tv

It’s been twelve years since the Home viewer say goodbye to Leontien, played by Marijke Hofkens. Still, the 55-year-old actress addressed in her television work. Marijke Hofkens is watching with a good feeling back on her time at Home. “Leontien was a fun role, and the hours on the set fell good to combine with my family life,” says the actress in this. “So many years later, I am still often approached about the Home. People ask me still if I again have somewhere to be,” says Marijke Hofkens in the Story. But that is not so obvious in Flanders…

Marijke Hofkens admits that there is a role in acting where they are not at all good at. A good audition is, after all, is not the most important in Flanders. “As you may well networks, you can still have some tv work out of the fire drag, but I’ve never thought of myself as well can sell,” says Marijke Hofkens. “What is a good audition is not enough. I know plenty of good actresses who, in addition to a role in intervention because the director was a fellow actress chooses.”

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